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Author, essayist, and Simpsons guest star Gore Vidal dead at 86.

[Images: 20th Century Fox, via The Lisa Simpson Book Club]

Lisa: Friends?… My only friends are grown-up nerds like Gore Vidal, and even he’s kissed more boys than I ever will.

Marge: Girls, Lisa. Boys kiss girls.

RIP, Mr. Vidal. You’ll be missed. 

De-Evolution of Vampires:

De-Evolution of Vampires:

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As you may have guessed it, this tumblr account belongs to a public access television station. Being somewhat media savvy and having just being hired about a month and a half ago I wanted to get NORCAM (It sounds like the late 80s nintendo robot or a sort of Public Access droid doesn’t it? Will I get sued for using “droid”?) on the map. We needed to expand and not just reach out to our local community. I wanted to take this piece to the global community. You know, the whole Marshall McLuhan thing. That’s right, I went to college and have to remind everyone about it. 

Sorry about that. Getting to the point, I wanted this station to be involved with the variance of social media because public access shares and celebrates the same passions and weirdness that helped spawn the basic concepts behind social media. Public access is a bevy of equally funny, crazy, unfunny, bizarre, and creepy views that ultimately make up everything around us in our town, community, and dare I say, life. You could tune into someone painting their dog at a bad/titled angle at noon and then, 8 hours later, get blown away by some crazy dude doing his rant about cleaning naval lint. The barometer for social weirdness and entertainment was always there. True, boredom was a common chum of the public access station, but even then you could find some camp value. It was found & outsider art 24/7.

Beyond the sheer fact that anything, pretty much anything, could go on you were left with a lingering question: If they can do this then I could do something at least 3 times better. Pre-dating Youtube and basic video uploading services, public access allowed kids to be little assholes on television at the watershed hour. I was definitely one of those assholes and frequently wanted to be a part of this weird thing. People can do that a lot easier now and I don’t frown upon it. It’s pretty amazing, actually. You can chat about nothing for hours and then just post it for someone in the Mediterranean to chuckle at all at. I just want to marry the two, like other places, and allow people to share their stuff with places you know it will be viewed.

That brings me to the one fallback to online viewing: There’s so much. It’s mind-blowing. You’re so inundated that it has to be worth your 45 seconds or you move on. When you have a lot to choose from your choices are sort of made for you in a weird esoteric way. At least for myself, I just want to get out of the mud and into something comfortable while trudging back and forth every once and a while. With public access, if your stuff is decent or more entertaining than the last program, which isn’t that hard, their is a much higher probability that it’ll be watched. Also, there is a stigma to having something on television being that you’re watching it or it’s something you’ve done.

Therefore, I implore you, all players of the internet, send me your videos, your memes, and your views. Throw at me your sickly web series or crazy rantings and we’ll package them in our community television schedule so people will definitely see them and that public access can serve its purpose with greater relevance. Make it breathe fire again.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the scatter-brain rant,

Phil from NORCAM 

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